UXPakistan: A Student-run Design Conference

UX Pakistan is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT student-run design conference, organized by the student design society (INDEX) at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

INDEX is a collection of forward-thinking individuals in the field of user-experience and human-centered design with a key focus on educating students and professionals on the importance of design thinking. The student society is here to pave the way for ideas to be shared and worked upon as a community with the common goal of bridging the gap between creators and users through human-centered design principles.

Our agenda is to help bring good design in the spotlight, appreciating it where it is found and replicating it where it isn’t. This is done through constant work and effort done by peers and mentors of this community that help develop ideas sketched on paper into services and products that solve real-world problems.

INDEX is committed to its goals and grows in numbers and support each passing year. This is possible through efforts by the society and continued support by industry leaders, experienced faculty and the culture at LUMS that bring about events like UX Pakistan, numerous workshops and incubators.

About The Event

This conference is about designing holistic user experiences, teaching the latest UX trends and technologies and inspiring UXers to create seamless experiences. An entertaining day filled with interesting workshops in website designs, AR/VR, design hackathons and competitions followed by a day of talks with a stellar line up from leaders of the industry and design professionals. The conference will be a platform for startups and UX designers to get their ideas evaluated by professionals of the field.


Lahore University of Management Sciences – LUMS


Saturday and Sunday
March 2nd to 3rd, 2019